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"Zordon is our one true lord and savior we decided."

On Ryan George's youtube channel, he posted a video called "The Human Sacrifice Call Center" where an unsuspecting person gets a call from Anthony Telemarketer who finds those willing to be sacrificed in the name of Zordon. Anthony's religious beliefs assume that once enough souls have been sacrificed it will rain. Therefore when it rains enough souls will have been sacrificed and Zordon is then pleased.

Power Rangers[]

Zordon originated from the hit children's television series Power Rangers, as Ryan is quick to bring up. Ryan calls him "The big bald head guy from Power Rangers.". On the television series however, Zordon was the leader of the group known as The Power Rangers.

Final Message[]

If you noticed it hasn't rained recently then call the Human Sacrifice Call Center and please our true Lord and Savior with your great sacrifice.