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Time Traveling Reporter Guy is a character who reports about the future to 90s Talk Show Host in the show 90s Talk Show.


Time Traveler Explains Roseanne Cancellation - THE FUTURE IS DUMB[]

While reporting back on the future event of Roseanne's Cancellation, Reporter Guy comes to the realization that nothing in the future makes sense. He then thoroughly explains what a Twitter is to 90s Talk Show Host and that the show Roseanne gets remade. Time Traveling Reporter Guy continues by explaining that everyone is very interested by what will happen to this remake since Roseanne is a Donald Trump supporter. The Host is confused on what is so interesting about supporting Trump, claiming to be a supporter of how he eats pizza in a commercial. After Reporter Guy reveals that Donald Trump is the President and ran against first lady Hillary Clinton, the Talk Show Host is in disbelief.

Time Traveler Discovers 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' - THE FUTURE IS DUMB[]

In this episode, Reporter Guy talks about Solo: A Star Wars Story and how bland remakes and origin stories of characters and movies people love are becoming very popular and gaining a lot of cash. Reporter Guy also explains that after 'Return of the Jedi' was made, many different Star Wars Trilogies were popped out. Besides the trilogies, a couple of anthology films were made dedicated to answering all the questions that nobody answered and taking elements of the original trilogy while diving into way too much detail about it. During the conversation, Host Guy is revealed of his death in 2004. Reporter Guy also talks about how Disney made him 3 offers to the story rights of his life until he finally gave in. At the end of the segment, the Time Traveling Reporter promotes his upcoming movie "Time Travelling Reporter Guy: The Movie" which will be all about how he got his glasses

Time Traveler Discovers NETFLIX - THE FUTURE IS DUMB[]

While trying to report on the Geopolitical Landscape of Northern Uganda, Reporter Guy runs into Netflix and begins to binge many different series without sleeping. This greatly disappoints the Host, who decides that he should just report on Netflix. The Time Traveler explains how by paying Netflix some money every month, and they'll give you access to a library of movies and TV shows on the world wide web. He continues by explaining that Netflix started their service in the late 90s by sending people DVD discs of the movies they purchase. Reporter guy says that he secretly used the station's credit card to pay for several Streaming Services, which angers the host. After the lights turn off, the Host decides to take a quick ad break for 'Blockbuster Video' to pay for the bills.

Time Traveler Discovers TikTok and Social Media - THE FUTURE IS DUMB[]

After a malfunction with the Time Machine causes Reporter Guy to lose his foot and get stuck in 2020, he decides to talk about Social Media. He begins by explaining that social media is a bunch of websites and platforms that let people raise each others blood pressure to dangerous levels.