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The First Guy to Ever Take Vacation is the very first video in the The First Guy video series. It shows the first ever person to take a vacation and travel to Paris.


Employee Guy asks Boss Guy for a vacation because he wants to try this new thing: going for a country for just a week. Employee Guy then travels to Paris, France and meets French Guy . He wants to take a photo of the Eiffel Tower but French Guy declines because it belongs to them, Employee Guy then explains he just wants to take a picture and show it to other people. French Guy still doesn't understand so he finds Michel Guy and tells him the situation. Michel also declines because it belongs to them. Employee Guy then wants to eat, but French Guy mistakens and thinks Employee Guy's country ran out of food. Employee Guy then explains the situation and tries a baguette. He then leaves 7 day later, much to French Guy and Michel Guy's confusion.

Back to his office, he gifts Boss Guy a bottle opener which says Paris on it, much to Boss Guy's confusion. Employee Guy then says he will not shut up about the trip he went on.

Video Description[]

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Feeling really stressed lately... I think I really need to fly to another country and look at all their stuff.


What if vacationing hadn't been invented yet? How would you go about asking your boss for time off from work to... fly to another country and just BE THERE for a little while?

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