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The 90's Talk Show was a show that aired around 1995, appearing in the seven episodes of "THE FUTURE IS DUMB" series. Hosted by a nameless Talk Show host, it features a resident time-traveling reporter, who reports about the future. The show covers many different topics about the future, including social media, popular games, search engines and more. Sometime during the process of traveling in time for the show, the machine malfunctions, causing the reporter to lose his foot and get stuck in 2020. The reporter also mentions several times that the 90's Talk Show Host eventually dies in 2004, leaving one to assume that the show ends around that time or earlier.

Known Episodes[]

The entire list of episodes is currently unknown, though eight episodes have resurfaced.

Topic Originally Released Year Discussed
Cancellation of Roseanne
Unknown Date, 1995 2018
Solo: A Star Wars Story
Unknown Date, 1995
Unknown Date, 1995
Social Media
Unknown Date, 1995 2020
Unknown Date, 1995
COVID-19 pandemic
Unknown Date, 1995
Video Games
Unknown Date, 1995 2021
Non-Fungible Tokens
Unknown Date, 1996 2022