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Ryan George(born: June 21, 1989 [age 32]) is a Canadian writer, actor and comedian and the creator of the videos we love, and inspiration behind this wiki. He works with ScreenRant to make Pitch Meetings, while also makes content himself.


On December 11, 2008, Ryan kickstarted his main channel with the video "oldPod" He started another sketch comedy channel called "Moving Mind Studio" with his good friend Samuel Brisson on April 26, 2010. Eventually, fellow comedian and friend Brandon Calder joined them to make many popular sketches.

Joining Screen Rant[]

After a few years working for Screen Rant, Ryan George launched the series "Pitch Meetings" which consists of Ryan George playing both a screenwriter and a movie producer. In the skits, he comedically summarizes movies and TV shows by "pitching" ideas to a studio executive, often pointing out questionable elements and plot holes.

The series has many running jokes and catchphrases said in almost every episode, such as, "Super easy, barely an inconvenience" when the producer character asks the screenwriter a question relating to the joke or "(blank) is tight" when both characters agree on the same subject, often being an inappropriate joke relating to it. Other catchphrases include "I don't know" when one of the characters is asked a question he doesn't have an answer to, and "whoops, whoopsie" (the screenwriter and the producer replying to each other).

Other than the popular "Pitch Meetings" series, Ryan also does "Theory Battle" and sometimes talks about companies on ScreenRant.

Sketches on Main Channel[]

On his personal channel, Ryan has been making short skits where he often talks to himself as another character. His earlier skits were usually only around 30 seconds or less, but more recent skits have been a bit longer, and more elaborate, being around 2 to 5 minutes long. His humor tends to lean towards the observational, deconstructing unquestioned aspects of everyday life. In December of 2018, he started a series called "The First Guy", looking at the supposed origins of basic things that people often take for granted.

TV Career[]

Along with his Moving Mind Studio partners, Ryan also created in and starred in the TV show "Campus Law" produced by superstar comedian Kevin Hart for the Laugh Out Loud Network.

Popular Series[]

On his personal channel, he has some series that show what is like for someone who never heard of something just got that thing told to them "The First Guy" (mentioned above) and THE FUTURE IS DUMB Series.