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Movie Producer Guy, a.k.a. Studio Executive Guy and Sir, is the movie producer and one of the main characters in Screen Rant's pitch meetings.

First appearing on the main channel in the Justice League Pitch Meeting, he is now seen only in Screen Rant pitch meetings, where he questions the bad movie ideas of Screenwriter guy but lets them slide anyways. Producer Guy has a a wife, a daughter, and two sons. It's unclear if there is a different Producer/Studio Executive and Screenwriter Guy for every different studio or if they're all the same for every pitch meeting.


Early Life[]

When Producer Guy was a young child, he was told that he was the chosen one, "like Neo in the Matrix", but because of a leather allergy he didn't think that he could live up to the high expectations that came with the prophecy and he ran away to Hollywood.[1]


Producer Guy met his wife by clicking on a sketchy pop-up ad for hot singles in his area.[2]


It is possible that Screenwriter Guy and all of the Pitch Meeting series is not real at all, but a hallucination of Producer Guy after he fell into a vat of chemicals.[3] This would explain how he is able to work for so many companies and in different time periods in the series.


  • Movie Producer Guy once owned a box of parakeets, but they all killed themselves after seeing him naked.
  • His wife and daughter both have full beards.
  • Producer Guy once told his dog that he was his friend and the dog "crashed through the wall like the Kool-Aid man".
  • During "Prometheus Pitch Meeting" he reveals to Screenwriter Guy that they are third cousins
  • As shown by "Home Alone 3 Pitch Meeting", steam comes out of his ears when he a lot of his brain cells give up at once.
  • "The Nightmare Before Christmas Pitch Meeting" reveals that Producer Guy celebrates Valentines day by drinking the blood of the innocent and eating elk hearts.[4]


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