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Michael Pickleseller is a character first appearing in The First Guy To Ever Make A Commercial. He has also appeared in a couple of other videos on Ryan's channel, including Obligatory "In These Uncertain Times" Commercial and When Fast Food Restaurants Give Out Toys.

In-universe lore[]

Michael Pickleseller works as a pickleseller and was the first ever person to make a commercial; he sells a product named A sandwich with a pretty big pickle in it.

TFG12 - The First Guy To Ever Make A Commercial[]

Michael Pickleseller first appeared in "The First Guy To Ever Make A Commercial". With permission of Frederick Noisemaker, he created three unsuccessful advertisements by borrowing the airtime of the hit TV show "All the noises I know how to make with Frederick Noisemaker" but the fourth one was successful, when said on the commercial that women would want to sleep with people who bought his product. This convinces everyone, including Show Canceller Guy, who accidentally cancels the show when he, Frederick Noisemaker, and Camera Man and then they want to buy Michael's sandwiches.

The Scary News Network[]

Sometime later, his third attempt at making a commercial appeared on the Scary News Network

Obligatory "In These Uncertain Times" Commercial[]

Pickleseller eventually grew his business into a large fast food restaurant chain, and made another commercial trying to make it seem like he was helping the people in "these uncertain times" but much like all his other business endeavors, it was actually just an attempt to get people to buy his sandwiches.

When Fast Food Restaurants Give Out Toys[]

Eventually, Michael came up with the idea to manipulate kids into enjoying his restaurant by providing a free small plastic toy with every child-sized sandwich. He also decides to make a mascot called Mr. Pickles to attract more children.


"Thank you, thank you! I'm a huge fan of the show and I just want to say congrats on season 13!"

"Okay, so I know that millions of people watch this show, so I figured if I tell you about my business during the show, maybe you'll wanna buy some things from me and give me your money."

"So I prepared a little video and I... please enjoy."

"Hi hello there my name is Micheal Pickleseller."

"I'm making this because I would like you to buy sandwiches from me. "

"I make sandwiches that have a pretty big pickle in them."

"It's not that big of a pickle but I wouldn't say it's a small pickle either"

"Please buy one from me, you give me money, and you get to take one from me."

"You'll pay a lot more money for it than I did for it, but that's just how I make a living."

"That's just how it works."

"Hi there. Hello!"

"My name is Michael Pickleseller, CEO of The Sandwich With A Pretty Big Pickle In It Fast Food Corporation. For years now, you've trusted us to provide you with sandwiches that ha- ya know, pretty-pretty big pickles in them."

"They're not too small, not too big. I'd say they're a decent size."


The First Guy To Ever Make A Commercial

The Scary News Network (Cameo)

Obligatory "In These Uncertain Times" Commercial

When Fast Food Restaurants Give Out Toys

When Fast Food Restaurants Switch To Paper Straws


  • His last name, like most characters, is the name of his profession.