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Jonathan Lawyer is a character portrayed by Ryan George on the Ryan George YouTube channel. He claims to be a lawyer and was James Politician's former advisor.


Old Town Road Remixes Are Getting Out of Hand

His first appearance was in the Old Town Road Remixes Are Getting Out Of Hand video, where he offers people with the opportunity to get a financial compensation for being on an old town road remix without consent. Without realizing, Lawyer himself ends up in Old Town Road Remix and decides to shut the offer down.

When Sketchy People Write Tell-All Books

In the video "When Sketchy People Write Tell-All Books" [1] Jonathan Lawyer is being interviewed about his connections with James Politician and his mischievous acts. However, Jonathan Lawyer uses the opportunity to promote his book Hey, I Saw Some Real Freakin' Sketchy Stuff For Sure and many other pieces of merchandise. As the video progresses however, we see how Jonathan Lawyer was involved in the negative behavior James Politician was being accused of. For example, when examining an audio recording of James Politician teaching the resident mascot of City Townville's City Hall, Wilfred the Parrot how to say curse words, it is seen that Jonathan Lawyer was also on the recording helping James Politician.

After Brett Newscaster has had enough he sheds a light on the moral issue of Jonathan's actions. Jonathan then leaves the broadcast shortly after Brett Newscaster's harshly worded speech. Ironically the next thing Brett Newscaster says is "Ok our next story: is fast food causing a nationwide health crisis? The answer, coming up right after this commercial for In-N-Out Burgers."


Jonathan has black glasses and a suit with a blue tie. He has a beard with a mustache and frazzled black hair.


"Cause I wrote out all my feelings on the matter. And printed them on t-shirts which are now available for sale now Brett. They're real good quality, I had them made in something called a sweat shop, so I think they absorb perspiration or something."

"Has this ever happened to you?"

"Hi, I'm Jonathan Lawyer."

"Have you been tricked into being on a remix of old town road by LIL NAS X?"

"Millions of people are effected each day and there's quite literally nothing worse."

"Maybe.. Maybe kidnapping I'd have to check the law books."

"Call me, Jonathan Lawyer right now and tell me your story."

"You may be entitled to financial compensation, I'm a lawyer."

"I have a law degree and everything, I just, I just don't it on me right now."

"It's at the print shop for repairs, they don't know when it will be ready."

"People keep saying "Jonathan, that's not a service that print shops offer, are you really a lawyer?"."

"To those people I say listen, shut up!"

"The point is nobody should have to be featured on a remix of Old Town Road without their consent."

"LIL NAS X can't keep getting away with this. I'm a lawyer."

"Call me Jonathan Lawyer right now and we'll figure something out."

"That felt good, was that good?"

"Oh, Okay, Shut it down he got me."



When Sketchy People Write Tell-All Books

Old Town Road Remixes Are Getting Out Of Hand

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