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James Politician is a politician and the former mayor of City Townville. He was first mentioned in the episode News Shows That Argue About Everything. After leaving office, his former advisor Jonathan Lawyer went on Channel 8's News Network to expose his despicable actions while being Mayor.


News Shows That Argue About Everything[]

In his first episode, James Politician is mentioned and shown shortly in a video criticizing his claims of being pro-triangle, while simultaneously voting for anti-triangle laws.

When Sketchy People Write Tell-All Books[]

In the video "When Sketchy People Write Tell-All Books" [1] Jonathan Lawyer is being interviewed about his connections with James Politician and his mischievous acts. However, Jonathan Lawyer uses the opportunity to promote his book Hey, I Saw Some Real Freakin' Sketchy Stuff For Sure and many other pieces of merchandise. As the video progresses however, we see how Jonathan Lawyer was involved in the negative behavior James Politician was being accused of. For example when examining an audio recording of James Politician teaching the resident mascot of City Townville's City Hall, Wilfred the Parrot how to say curse words, it is seen that Jonathan Lawyer was also on the recording helping James Politician.


When Sketchy People Write Tell-All Books

News Shows That Argue About Everything