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Frederick Noisemaker is a character who first appeared in The First Guy To Ever Make A Commercial.

In-universe lore[]

Frederick Noisemaker works as a noisemaker and is the former host of All The Noises I Know How To Make with frederick noisemaker.[1] When hosting season 13 of his show, an advertiser paid to use his airtime to advertise his product which caused the show to be cancelled. This apparently worked because in The Scary News Network the advert can be seen on a TV.


  • It was speculated that this man was the same as the "Pop Guy" from The First Guy To Be A Toxic Fan, however this is unlikely as "Pop Guy" has a cameo in The First Guy To Ever Play Tag under his other name "Ba Ba Guy". That video most likely takes place after the first appearance of Frederick Noisemaker as it came out later and he would probably not use the name Ba Ba Guy and Frederick Noisemaker at the same time.