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Florp Flap is a recurring character in the Ryan George universe. He first appeared in The First Guy To Ever Make A Commercial.


He is a green alien (unlike the white Airlock Alien) with big pitch black eyes. He doesn't have any hair on his body, and refers to part of his biology as florpflaps.

In-universe lore[]

He is an alien in space, and a frenemy of the Adstronaut. He is at least 34 years old, and started balding at 34.5 years old. He is bad at math, as stated in The First Guy To Ever Get Drunk, and always buys candy when he's at the pharmacy.


The First Guy To Ever Make A Commercial

Time Traveler Discovers Google - THE FUTURE IS DUMB

The Scary News Network

You Son Of A Gun... I'm In.

The First Guy To Ever Get Drunk

Entry-Level Jobs In 2021


"My goals are to destroy all live in the galaxy!"

"I'm not a monster, I thought we were friends!"


"Do you want to hang out later?"

"Okay, I'll go do that!"

"That's okay!"

"Yeah, your mouth smells great!"

"I have to go!"

"What's going on?"

"All natural, baby!"

"I don't like trimming my body hair, my florp flaps always end up bleeding!"

"Oh, okay good!"


"Oh yeah, that makes sense! My balls stink!"

"Okay, I'm going to go on my date now, bye!"

"Well actually, I started balding at 34 and a half, so..."

"I'm sorry, yeah, I'm not good at math."

"Hey, that's were I live!"

"I always buy candy when I'm at the pharmacy, that's not a healthy habit!"


"50% off? That's almost half!"